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How to Know if You’ve Chosen the Right Medicare Plan

If you’re new to Medicare, choosing a plan can feel like a daunting task. With so many different options and factors to consider, it’s hard to know if you’re making…

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Lauren and Ernest Mitchell discuss scams to be wary of in the insurance industry!

Hello, my name is Ernest Mitchell and today we’re going to be talking about scams that are going on right now that have happened to our clients that could be…

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A Medicare Story! (Turning 65!)

A Medicare Story! (Turning 65)   Dear Retirement is here to help! We offer free consultations to anyone who is feeling confused about transitioning to Medicare. Our service is completely…

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Why it’s time to start looking into Long-Term Care Now!

If you’re thinking about retirement at some point, it’s important to start planning for long-term care now. Long-term care is expensive, but there are ways to pay for it. Long-term…

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Customizing your Life Insurance Plan to fit your needs

If you’re reading this blog input chances are someone has talked to you about Life insurance at some point in your life. I would assume that most people know the…

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Why A Successful Retirement Isn’t Just About Money

In 2017 after doing some research via Youtube videos I decided to stop using a steroid cream that I had been using since 14 years old for my eczema(dry skin…

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Rising Costs of Nursing Homes

Have you started the conversation with your parents and older family members about long term care? With the cost of nursing homes of the rise, there has never been a…

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